Friday, May 20, 2011


I hate....
  • how usually the highlight of my day is going to sleep
  •  how David is always telling me my homesickness will go away if I stop talking to people back home, then he spends most of his freetime talking with people overseas in computer games
  • not having a car (sucks for getting groceries, going to school and going pretty much anywhere)
  • how most Japanese people treat their pets. It breaks my heart everyday
  • going between fine and borderline crippling depression throughout the day
  • sometimes being literally bored to tears
  • how bad my hives get here
  • listening to David talk to his friends online all day and ignoring me
  • how this place makes me want to smoke just so the nicotine would give me a temp lift
  • myself


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling so down hun...adjusting to how things work in a different culture can be really tough. How are you? Is everything all right?

  2. now make a list of all the things you LOVE!!!!! and make sure it's longer than the hate list!!!